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who we are
Specialità Veneziane is a laboratory specialized in the production of Venetian papier-mache and leather masks.

Our goal is to enhance and maintain over time the true techniques of craftsmanship called "maschereri".

The tie of Venice with masks is indissoluble and stronger than in other cities; it is not just a phenomenon connected with the brief period of carnival , but it represents a regular aspects of the city’s life in the form of souvenirs and house ornaments.

The fine play between appearance an reality , inherent to the function of the mask, seems to reflect the amphibious character of Venice.

The many correspondences between the city and its masks tell us that the original PANTALONE is the caricature of the typical , rich , stingy Venetian merchant.

ARLECCHINO descends from the great prototype of the ZANNI , handyman, servants and porters.

Even PULCINELLA finds unforeseeable hospitality among the Venetian masks through the frescos and the drewings by Tiepolo.

Furthermore, the masks of the DOCTOR OF THE PLAGUE , originally born as a protection from the disease, later became a character in the "Commedial Dell'Arte".

Finally, GNAGA and the BAUTA reflect contemporary social phenomena such as transvestism and the identity crisis of modern man.