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This is a mask made by leather which is completely handmade , according to the artisanal techniques of the ancient " maschereri " , the great mask craftmen.
We create our masks only using the best leather which comes from Tuscany ; the uniquestioned millenary capital in the tanning of the leather.
It's painted using appropriate colours which dye the leather , decorated with hemp fibers applications and It's polished up using natural wax to give it the brightness.
There is inside our certificate of guarantee and exclusivity.
It is realized with a material which makes it extremely comfortable and suitable to be worn thanks to the straps that you can easily adapt.
It's also appropiated as ornament to give a touch of fantasy to your rooms.



Mangiafuoco is a fictitious character of “ The adventures of Pinocchio “, a book written by Carlo Collodi . He is the puppet master of “the great puppet show “ and he is described  as a big man so ugly that scares people just looking at them. His ugly black beard was so long that it arrived on the floor and his eyes were red like two red glass lanterns . In this episode of the book , Pinocchio , the main character , wrecks one of  puppeter’s performances so Mangiafuoco wants to use him  as firewood  to cook the dinner. At last Pinocchio manages to save himself moving Mngiafuoco , so he can come back home to his father Babbo Geppetto . 

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